Write For Us – We Accept Health Authors and Medical Professionals

We’ve finally decided to open up and start accepting submissions from fellow bloggers/websites within the health niche.

Though our website has been around for more than 5 years, up until this point we were rejecting ALL guest post proposals.

Why? Well, we simply felt that the content we were offered would not be of high enough quality to be featured on our website.

So what brought about this change? The main motivation is interaction with other like-minded individuals and building some meaningful relationships.

Guest Post Guideines

We already mentioned that we did not accept guest posts and “write for us” queries for years because we were arrogant enough to think we will not get anything worthwhile.

Now that we finally decided to “cross the line,” we want you to know we expect nothing but high-quality pieces. You will have to adhere to our strict guidelines if you desire to publish your article on our website.

We intend to publish no more than 5 articles per month because we chose to go for quality instead of quantity.

Here are our guest post guidelines:

  • Article topic – we get a lot of emails on a daily basis… And the proposals we frown upon the most are those that just give us a list of 3-6 titles to “choose from.” No, we want you to go through our website and suggest a topic that would fit our website (and still be related to yours). Feel free to message us and we can discuss the topic that suits us both.
  • Search volume – we won’t publish articles on topics no one will ever search for (go for monthly volumes of 200-600).
  • Article length – the article should be 1200 words in length, minimum; but the more the better.
  • Your website – we won’t just link out to any site/article, you need to send it over so we can check it out first.
  • Editing – we reserve the right to edit each article before publishing (we won’t edit the links but we might change titles or the body of the article).

Those are some of the main guidelines so far, expect the list to grow as the time goes by.

Now, if you want to get in touch, you can use the contact form or email me directly at admin(at)helpyourback.org