Brookstone-Heated-Aqua-Jet-Foot-SpaBrookstone heated aqua jet foot spa was the first foot spa I ever ordered from Amazon, and I still don`t regret making this decision! I was tempted at first, to go for some lower priced units, but I knew that if you want quality you have to pay a few extra bucks.

So, why am I still proud on this decision I made? If you keep on reading you will find out. I will go over the main features of this foot spa, pros and cons of owning it and let you know of another, even better foot spa I recently came across.

Now, let`s kick things off!

Ease Of Use

Brookstone aqua jet foot spa is very user-friendly, there are literally three buttons you need to keep track off in order to make it run. Setting it up only takes a couple simple steps:

  • Place the two rollers into the roller openings on the bottom of the unit
  • Place the pumice stone in the opening at the middle
  • Fill it up up to the fill line and
  • Plug it into the power outlet

As for the buttons, just like I said before, there are three (for power, heat and jets intensity) plus a dial which will allow you to adjust the air flow in the jets.

After you are done, you can empty the foot spa simply, using a built-in water drain.

Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa – Features, Pros and Cons

So why should you even consider buying this heated aqua jet foot spa from Brookstone? Here are some of the pros Heated-foot-spaand cons:


  • It will heat up the water fast – most foot bath units have a problem with heating up water and keeping it warm, but not Brookstone. It will heat up the water up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius) and keep it there
  • Water depth – the tub is large enough for people with larger¬†feet. It is also deep enough so you won`t have to worry about water splashing and spilling over and out of the spa
  • Convenient remote control
  • Personal hygiene – some people are weary of going out to beauty salons and using their spa. By buying a foot spa for home use you can be sure you are the only one using it and that is clean
  • Well built – the spa is well built and sturdy


  • Price – some people will argue that the price is a bit steep. Brookstone aqua jet spa is currently priced at around $100 and it is certainly not the cheapest one around; but, like I said earlier, you will get what you paid for. Cheaper spas are not as well built and can heat up the water properly, or keep it warm for longer time
  • It`s a bit heavy¬†– the unit is well built but it`s heavy(13 lbs), especially after you fill it up with water. If you have back problems, it would be a good idea to find someone to move it for you.
  • Massage rollers are not automatic – this is probably the main downside of “cheaper” foot spas. They all have static massage rollers, so you massage your feet by moving them yourself. If you are looking for a foot spa with automatic massage rollers, you should try Carepeutic. It is a bit more expensive, but it is the best. If you want to find out more about it, you can read our review here: Best Heated Foot Spa Machines

This heated foot spa is is also equipped with two jets aimed at relaxing your tired feet, boosting circulation and relieving muscle tension.

Should You Buy It Or Not?

I said that I didn`t regret buying this foot spa from Brookstone and I`m pretty sure you won`t either. This is a solid spa for its price and it will serve you well.

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