fitbitUp until few years ago, I thought that getting a fitness tracker was a complete waste of money. Why would you need a fancy gadget to put on your wrist when you can just go out for a run without it?

That is how I started, at least… I would just put on my sneakers, grab my phone, put on the headphones and go out for a run! And I did this for a solid 3-4 weeks, but then I hit a wall. Running became boring and, most importantly, I failed to see the progress; my drive was gone and I soon started running less.

So, how did buying a fitness tracker change me – it gave me a way to measure my progress! Measuring your progress is crucial in ensuring the success of your endeavor, whether you are pursuing financial, career, business or fitness goals.

Let`s compare running with and without a Fitness Tracker:

* Measuring heart rate – measuring your heart rate is vital when running for weight loss! After 10-15 minutes you will get tired and start running slower, which will lower your heart rate and slow down your progress. With a fitness tracker strapped to your wrist, you will have a real time visual heart rate data so you can adjust your running style and crank up its intensity “on the fly.”

* Measuring distance – of course, distance is another crucial metric when it comes to weight loss and it will help with counting burnt calories.

* Calories burned – probably the most important metric because the math is simple – you will lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. A tracker will help you monitor calories closely, and if you don`t have one it will be virtually impossible.

* Rest – rest is more important than you think, especially if working out to build muscles. Muscles actually grow when we are in resting mode. After workout our body will start repairing damaged muscle fibers and fuse them together – muscles become thicker and grow bigger. Which is why it is important to monitor your rest in addition to your workouts.

* Tracking your progress – tracking your progress is vital for motivations and the development of the drive to push on! Those people who give up after the initial few weeks are usually the ones who didn`t see enough progress. With fitness trackers, you gain the ability to aggregate your data, literally see how far you`ve gotten, how many calories you`ve burned and how close you are to achieving your desired goal.

It`s Time For Our Reviews – Top 5 Fitness Trackers for 2016

Since there are so many fitness trackers on the today`s market, we decided to separate them into few different categories, based on their characteristics:

Fitbit Charge HR – Best Overall


Fitbit Charge HR is the best overall fitness tracker on the market today. It is perfect for people how are just getting to know these gadgets and are looking for a cool way to monitor, not just their workouts, but their health as a whole.

It is reasonably priced at around $150, considering its functionality and all the features it encompasses. Those are:

  • Accelerometer for tracking steps
  • Altimeter to track the floors climbed (ascend)
  • 24/7 Heart rate monitoring data which is sent to your PC or smartphone to create heart rate zones, depending on the intensity of your workouts
  • The device will measure calories burned
  • How well you sleep (you can even set a silent alarm)
  • Syncing it with your phone will display caller ID whenever your phone is around

All this data is then synced to your PC, your android, windows or iOS phone where you can view it using Fitbit`s slick, intuitive app. The app will not only allow you to view your progress, calories burned, sleep quality, training intensity, it will also give you the ability to set goals and push yourself even further on your fitness journey.

As for the design… I don`t know about you but I think it`s totally badass! Simply put, this is the best mid-range all-around tracker you can buy today.

See Fitbit in action:

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Budget Fitness Tracker – Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone is good, cheap, beginners fitness tracker and it gets the job done – it counts the steps with high accuracy, monitors your sleep (though it won`t automatically detect sleep), overall calories burned and synchronize all the data directly to the free Jawbone app which you will be required to install.

As you can see from the image, the clip is included so you can clip it to your clothes or slide it right into your pocket. There is also an added option of buying a strap so you can place it on your wrist. Buying a strap is especially recommended if you plan on monitoring your sleep because it can unclip from your clothes when you toss and turn.

It is also relatively easy to use, press and hold the perimeter and a tiny running man icon will appear and start blinking. Once you are done, press and hold it again and the man will appear standing still, and the device will be ready to sync with the app.

What really sets Jawbone Up Move apart from other trackers in this range is the app itself. It will log and monitor your exercises, calories you burn, allow you to set goals and also log foods and drinks you consume. Now, you should bear in mind that apps are fairly limited when it comes to counting calories (they can never be 100% accurate) but they can help you get a general idea of the calories you consume.

All in all, this is a good little budget device and certainly worth it`s price.

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Serious Athletes and Runners – Garmin Forerunner 920XT

This is a fitness tracker for serious athletes; it is geared towards triathletes since it monitors:

  • Running dynamics – it tracks cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillations. It also features metronome and audio alerts
  • Swimming – distance, pace, stroke type and count, log drills and resting times
  • Cycling – it is compatible with sensors such as speed, cadence, heart rate and show you where you rank among other athletes in your age group
  • Ascend/descend
  • Maximum rate of oxygen consumption (VO2 max)
  • Your steps, sleep, and calories burned

Another major feature of this tracker is the ability to connect to the entire online community via Garmin Connect. Using Garmin connect you will not only be able to plan your routs and efforts, you will be able to share it with friends and the entire community. You can even invite followers via email and social media profiles and let them see your stats and your routes on the map.

To find out more about the advanced features of this fitness tracker, click the link below

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Budget Athlete Tracker – Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Truth be told, Garmin 920XT is the best for serious (tri)athletes but at a price of $500 it is not, by any means, cheap. Therefore, we wanted to find a suitable “budget” replacement for athletes who want cheaper alternatives. And 310XT fits the bill perfectly!

It is a GPS-enabled tracking device which is waterproof (to the depth of 50 meters), so you can track your swims/workouts in the water. Another important feature (especially for triathletes) is the trackers ability to log transitions between sports – you can easily mount it on your bike when you get out of the water.

GPS tracking capabilities are also raised to a whole new level with HotFix satellite prediction, meaning you can quickly connect to the satellite and track your route even near tall buildings (in an urban environment) or under tree covers (park environment).

Optional (but highly recommended) addition to this package is a wireless heart rate monitor which will allow 310XT fitness tracker to use this heart rate data in advanced calorie computation.

This device also includes:

  • Motivational features – virtual partners, goals and courses
  • Wireless technology for data transfer
  • And battery life of up to 20 hours

But that`s not all, we have one more surprise for you! At the time of the writing, this fitness tracker is on a nice discount! To find out more about the price and grab this amazing discount

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Smartwatch Fitness Tracker – Motorola 360

This is primarily a smartwatch but you can use it as a fitness tracker as well. One thing worth mentioning, before we go on, is that this watch is compatible with smartphones using Android 4.3 or higher.

Motorola 360 is certainly stunning but is also very well built – it features stainless steel case, scratch-resistant glass and allows you to choose between stainless still link and leather band (steel link is my personal favorite, and it`s also a cheaper option).

The watch will also respond to your voice giving you directions, displaying notifications, reminders, incoming calls, texts, emails and even allow you to reply. Another thing I personally love about this smartwatch is that it will organize information in such manner that it can predict what you need to see next. This information includes weather forecast when going off to work or traffic updates. It really is a smart watch!

And, of course, it will act as a fitness tracker, logging:

  • Your steps
  • Heart rate
  • Calories burned
  • Give you coaching and motivation and
  • Even suggest goals and activities based on your progress

I am really blown away by the quality of the craftsmanship and the wealth of information this watch provides and I warmly recommend it.

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