There has been a lot of fuss made about the “groundbreaking,” “revolutionary” new diet which GUARANTEES you will melt 12-23 pounds in just 21 days! I am talking, of course, about 3 Week Diet System by Brian Flatt.

Now, when I hear someone making a statement like this I just think to myself “This guy/girl is crazy” and move on… but the summer is coming, and I want to look my best (don`t we all), so this time I broke my general rule and became interested in learning more about this 3 week diet system and picked up the book myself.

One of the main reasons I decided to write this blog post is because I see a lot of people talking about this book and this “weight loss system” without having seen or read the damn thing! I have it in-front of me as I write this “review.”

So pull up a chair and sit tight because this is going to be one long ass post 🙂

Where Did The Book Come From And Who Is It For?

scaleBrian Flatt graduated biology from San Diego State University and has been in the fitness industry since the 90`. He is currently working as a personal trainer, health coach and a sport nutritionist.

He himself states that this book is a product of a decade of research, more than 500 studies and books read, and various supplementation tried. but the thing I like the most is that him and his team spent 2 and a half years “tweaking” it.

I believe that this tweaking is the key ingredient of its success since we all know that theories on paper can work way different when put into practice. So, this tweaking and experimenting allowed this system to become universal for pretty much every person interested in losing weight. Not to mention that it was responsible for the “12-23 pounds weight lost guarantee”!

The 3 week diet program itself is divided into four different books (which are all included in your initial purchase):

  1. Introduction – the first e-book serves as a guide, to introduce you to this world of fast weight loss. It talks about why the author picked 21 days, how habits are formed, about the metabolism of fat, nutrition, rules of fat loss and exercises
  2. Diet – the second e-book talks about, you guessed it, the diet itself! The diet is divided into 4 phases which cover the 21 days of the diet and beyond(offering information on preventing weight regain).
  3. Exercises – the 3 week workout plan is designed to go hand in hand with the diet plan (obviously) and it talks about combining resistance training with cardio in order to maximize your results.
  4. Motivation – just like everything we do in life, weight loss is hugely impacted by our mindset, the way we feel and how motivated are we. The fourth book will help you get in the right mindset which will enable you to get maximum results and prevent fat from coming back.

1. The Introduction Manual

This introductory manual in meant to bring you closer to the mentality and the mindset behind the 3 week diet plan.

Most people (in today`s modern society especially) want to see the results now. We are not used/trained to delay gratification and this is why most people fail at losing weight. We expect that, after lying on our couch and eating junk food for the past 5-10-15 years, we can just walk into the gym, do some exercises and melt away all the excess fat. But it doesn`t work that way.

This is one of the main reasons behind this book – to give people substantial positive results fast. These results will then motivate you to push yourself even further, stick to the program and lose even more until you hit your goal.

Why 3 Weeks (21 Days)?

So why choose 21 days? Well, these is some research suggesting that this is exactly how much time our body (and mind) requires to develop a new habit. Remember, the main reason most diets fail is because we are set in our old ways – eating junk food, not exercising, drinking sugary drinks etc.

Dieting and exercising are new habits that we need to develop and fully integrate into our lives. Once proper dieting and exercising becomes a habit, you will almost start to operate it at a subconscious level, exercising will no longer be something you are trying to avoid, rather it will come natural to you.

Also, if you think about it, 21 days is not a whole lot of time. Less than a month. So you can take this 3 Week Diet Program as a “trial run” and see what is the end result of sticking to it. You`ve got nothing to lose except your excess fat, so why not go for it!

Common Myths

While reading this book I came across an interesting “mythbusters” moment regarding so called “Fat Burning Foods.” Here is where Brian talks about a common myth you see on many websites when you type in “weight loss” – they talk about fat burning foods. But this is false by default since foods introduce calories into your body, and no matter which food you chose you won`t lose weight by eating it.

The rest of the book talks about nutrition – how different nutrients affect our body, the importance of drinking enough water on a daily basis, our metabolism and 4 critical rules of weight loss!

2. Diet Manual

This is basically the most important book of the 4 since making modifications to your diet is at the essence of every successful weight loss program and 3 Week Diet is no different.

The introductory paragraphs reveal the core of this program – the reason why we gain fat in the first place. This information alone made this program worthwhile to me, but I believe I am not allowed to talk much about it (I wouldn`t want to get in some sort of copyright infringement problems). If you pick up this book make sure you pay attention to this section!

Next, the author talks about the 4 stages this diet program is divided into.

  • First Stage (days 1-7) – this is the stage people lose the most weight in. This is mostly because you are just starting to workout and reduce your caloric intake so your weight is going to go down dramatically! Here, you will learn about the foods you can/should eat and exactly the right amounts. This is what I love about this book – you will be given clear instructions, no bullshit!
  • Second Stage (day 8) – Don`t hate me for saying this but I can`t talk much about this stage 🙂
  • Third Stage (days 9-11) – this stage is crucial since, by the end of the stage 2 you will have lost some weight and, at the same time, your body will crave for fat. This is why you need to stick to the program and do exactly as outlined. You will also get clear set of instructions on what to eat and how much.
  • Stage 4 (days 12-21) – this stage get a bit more personal as it will largely depend on your BMR. BMR stands for basal metabolic rate and it is basically a number that shows how much energy you spend while in full rest mode. For example, my BMR is around 2000 calories, which means I need to eat a minimum of 2000 calories on any given day to keep everything in my body working the way it should. So, why is this important for you? Well, its super important because I am different than you, also BMR is different for men and women (women need less calories). So the entire stage 4 is based off of this number and correcting your diet based on it.

After you go through these stages, you need to make sure that weight doesn`t come back, and this is also covered in the book.

3. Workout Manual3 week diet -women

As I already said, the workout manual is specifically designed to go hand in hand with the diet manual and maximize your weight loss during those 3 weeks. You will learn how to balance your exercising – cardio and lifting weights, what exercises you should and shouldn`t do, when and how much.

I can`t go into the exact exercises the author recommends but they are all well laid out, easy to follow along with graphical illustrations; so you won`t have any problem performing them.

4. Mindset And Motivation

This is the final book in the 3 Week Diet program and, though some people may disregard it, I think it is just as important as the previous 3.

I believe that mindset is everything, especially when it comes to changing your life, breaking old habits and introducing new ones. Honestly, this is the section of my life I struggle the most. There are these times when you feel like crap and you don`t even wanna get out of bed, not to mention work out or mind your diet.

This book will help you deal with just that – how to get going when the going gets tough!

My Final Verdict

As you might have guessed it, I liked this 3 Week Diet system. I like the fact that it covers every aspect of successful weight loss – diet, exercise and mental state. Did I lose 20 pounds after 21 days? No, but I was a relatively fit guy to start with, it was my intention to do some “trimming” and this book definitely helped me.

Will you lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks? I believe you will if you are out of shape and a bit overweight, so changing your diet and introducing exercise routine will benefit you the most and help you burn off a lot of excess fat.

Should you buy it? If you are looking for an easy-to-follow program, and are committed, 3 Week Diet will definitely help you but… you need to stay on track and be persistent. Changing your habits is hard, working out is hard (especially if you haven`t worked out in a very long time), but if you follow this program and hang in there, you will be successful, I have no doubt about it.

Then when the summer comes, you can take off your shirt and show off your amazing new sexy body! 😉

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