We all know the good old saying “We are what we eat,” but did you ever though that the specific kind of food you eat may cause joint pain and lead to inflammation in your joints? I`m fairly sure that most of you haven`t and that the very notion of this sounds weird, but food we eat affect everything that happens in our body and can lead to pain in the joints.

Having realized this, I`m sure that you`ve also realized that reducing or removing certain foods can alleviate the symptoms and might even eliminate them completely (depending on the severity of the condition).

Pessimists among you will probably disregard this information saying “If controlling joint pain is that easy why isn`t everyone doing it?” I suspect the reason why most people are not doing it and controlling their nutrition is because it`s simply easier not to. It`s easier just grabbing the first thing you get your hand on and eat it instead of thinking is it good for you, preparing it in a healthier way or looking for an alternative.

But I digress, today`s topic is foods that cause joint pain, and I intend to list some that you should avoid if you are suffering from arthritis or have any other problems involving your joints.


We are all aware of the problems sugar can cause, but most of us choose to look the other way. I know how hard it may be to fight it, which is why I`ve decided to list just a few diseases it can cause:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure and related heart diseases
  • Obesity
  • Cancer

In addition to these diseases, sugar can also be linked to inflammation within the joints. When you consume it, it will raise you blood sugar along with insulin levels causing in inflammatory response in our body. Repetitive increased sugar consumption can even lead to chronic inflammation.

It`s important to not here that both refined and natural sugar can affect the state of your joints.

Salt And Chemicals

Foods-That-Cause-Joint-PainSalt and other preserving chemicals are often added to the food we eat to prolong their “shelf life” and make it taste better. But it is important to note that excess consumption of salt can lead to inflammation.

Notice the word excess, I used it because our body requires a certain amount of salt and minerals to function properly, but if you go overboard you might cause health problems and inflammation.

Fried Foods

I`ve come across numerous studies linking processed and fried foods to all sorts of diseases and health problems, and today I am going to share one from School Of Medicine at Mount Sinai: the study was conducted in 2009 and involved 350 people. The researchers found that reduced intake of fried foods resulted in reduced inflammation and increased overall health benefits.


AGE is short from Advanced Glycation End products, this is a toxin that appears when we process food. Our body fights these toxins with cytokines, which are inflammatory messengers. And, depending on the “location of the fight” they can damage the joints.


Note that dairy products will not cause same problems with all consumers. Some people are more sensitive to the protein they contain, which can irritate the tissue around the joints and cause inflammation. People suffering from arthritis should pay more attention to this matter and consult their nutritionist along with their doctor.

Other foods that can cause joint pain are:

  • Red meat
  • Sunflower, corn, safflower or soy-based oils
  • Soft drinks
  • White flour and
  • Most fast foods








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