Even though bruising is not something you should be worried about as it is, in most cases, only skin deep; sometimes it can be a bit annoying, especially if bruise is in an inconspicuous place.

This is precisely the reason people want to get rid of them as soon as possible. So, naturally, countless guides, advice articles, tips and creams appeared promising just that – getting rid of bruising fast (sometimes even overnight).

Unfortunately, there is no specific, medically confirmed way to speed up the bruise healing process. And in the following text, we will explain why.

Bruising – What, Why And How?

As we`ve mentioned before, bruising is a common skin deep injury where the tiny blood vessels under the skin rupture and bleed. The blood that leaks from these capillaries (smallest blood vessels in our body) collects beneath the surface of the skin forming black or blue marks we like to call bruises.

Most common cause of bruising is a blow or an injury. Other common causes are:

  • Intense exercise – sometimes an intense exercise (such as lifting weights) can lead to microscopic tears in the blood vessels located under the skin, resulting in bruises of various shape and size
  • Elderly people – elderly people will generally bruise easier since their skin gets thinner with age and the blood vessels get more fragile
  • Vitamin C – vitamin C deficiency can cause people to bruise easily
  • Unexplained bruising – sometimes bruises can appear without any noticeable cause. If you notice this, you should get them checked out by a medical professional

Why We Can`t Speed Up The Recovery Process?

Bruises Caused By Torn Hamstring

Pretty much the only factor bruising recovery period will depend on is time. Your body needs time to break down and remove the blood that leaked out of the damaged blood vessels and there is no specific treatment your doctor can prescribe to speed this process up.

Now, even though you can`t speed this process up, if you act fast you can minimize the damage.

The Power Of Ice

– ice is a powerful ally but only if you put it to work immediately after the injury that might have cause the bruising. Ice will constrict the blood vessels and prevent more blood from leaking, thus reducing the bruised area. It will also numb the area and reduce pain and swelling.

The Proper Use Of Ice – you should avoid putting ice directly on the skin, as it may cause frostbite. Get a piece of cloth and wrap the ice in it. Some suggest using a towel, but the towel is pretty thick and can prevent the ice from having the desired effect.


Elevation is also something useful within the first moments of the injury. For example, if you notice bruising starting to for on your leg, you should elevate it and keep it elevated as much as you can in the first 24 hours. This will reduce the blood flow to this area and might limit the amount of blood leaking from the injured vessels.

The Power Of Heat

– heat can be beneficial if used 24 hours after the bruise has formed. This is the time when the body starts breaking down the leaked blood and applying heat will increase circulation. The increased circulation might speed up the blood reabsorbing process and allow the bruise to fade faster.

The Proper Use Of Heat – usually a warm cloth should do the trick. Apply it to the affected area around 10-15 minutes, couple times a day.


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