Could you do something as simple as changing your shoes and relieve your back pain? I`m sure most of you are thinking it couldn’t be that easy, but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

We spend a good portion of our day standing up, and our feet are trying their best to give us a good support and make sure we are properly balanced. The feet are our foundation, and if there is something wrong with the foundation, the rest of the structure (our body) will be misaligned.

In the case of our body, poor back alignment will cause back problems, poor posture and ultimately pain. Fortunately, we can help our feet fulfill their role properly by choosing the correct footwear.

What Shoes Should You Pick

Picking the right shoes for your feet, your posture and your comfort can prove to be a difficult task simply because there are so many different models and manufacturers. So, it would be nearly impossible for me to tell you which ones should you pick, because I don’t know your requirements, but I can offer you some pointers and tips to help you in your quest.

The very first thing you need to look for in your footwear is proper support and cushioning. Make sure you try them out, make a few steps and see if the sole is giving you, your feet and the arches of your feet the necessary support.

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If you plan on running, you need to select a proper pair of running sneakers that have shock absorbers.

If possible, you should avoid shoes with high heels, along with the sandals and flats. High heels will tilt your pelvis and force you into poor posture; on the other hand, flats and sandals will offer virtually no support so your foot may roll to one side or the other, causing back pain.

Really, the best option would be to get footwear that is custom made for your feet. Many manufacturers will offer this service where they tailor the shoes according to your special requirements, weight, posture etc. This is a bit more expensive option, but if you have the resources (money), you should definitely try it.

Change Often

I know this won`t be the problem for you ladies, but guys (myself included) don’t change their shoes as often as they should, often wearing them for couple years until they totally wore out.

Though this may save you some money in the short-term, it can ruin your back in the long run. You should pay close attention to the state of your sole tread and if you notice a significant wear and tear, you should consider going shopping.

Sometimes You Need To Wear Uncomfortable Models

I realize that there are times and occasions where you simply must wear shoes you don’t feel comfortable in (just recently I`ve experienced it on my brother`s wedding), in which case just tell the waiter to send a couple beers your way and you won`t even pay attention to them.

All jokes aside, in these situations it is always a good idea to take regular breaks and rest your feet.


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