The title of this article may seem a bit silly, after all ergonomic chairs are designed to help position your back and spine correctly, thus providing you with a back pain relief. So no, the goal of this article is not to question the effectiveness, but to talk about different types of these chairs.

Picking the right chair may seem like a tough task, there are all these features you need to look into and it is easy to get lost in them and eventually just get the one the seller recommends. This can be a bit of a double edged sword since, even though the seller wants to make his customer happy, only you know what works best for your body.

But before we start digging in to various types of chairs on today`s market, we are going to go over a list of things you need to pay attention to, to make your purchase a complete success. So, these are some of the things you need to pay attention to:

  • Adjustable seat height – for most chairs, this is a standard, built-in feature but I still feel the need to point it out since it is one of the most crucial components of a good chair
  • Adjustable Armrests – this is a little more advanced feature, and it will probably raise the price of a chair, but it is absolutely crucial since adjusting the armrests will allow a good support for your arms and ease the tension off you shoulders
  • Adjustable Backrest – I know you must be saying to yourself “Enough with the `adjustable`” but it is important to have as many “moving” parts as you can, so you can position yourself in your chair properly. You also need to make sure your backrest is wide enough and high enough to support you in full
  • Lumbar Back Support – some chairs offer a special, lumbar support which is an incredible asset if you are sitting for long periods of time

These are some of the most important features you need to pay attention to when going on a hunt for your new chair, so keep them in mind; and now we are going to talk more about the specific types of chairs available today.

Office Chair imageOffice Ergonomic Chairs

Sometimes, well quite often actually, you will not be in a position to choose your office chair yourself, you will be forced to use whichever chair they give you. If and when this happens you need to make a choice, will you allow your spine to deteriorate and cause you back pain `till the rest of your career, or will you save up some money and get a proper chair.

If you decide to go with the first option, all I can say is good luck. For those of you who decided to buy yourself a chair, or managed to get the company to buy one for you, I have prepared a few more pointers and tips.

  • Think about what will you do the most while sitting in the chair
  • Always try out at least five models before deciding to buy
  • When you decide on a specific model you want, try looking for it in a few more shops and see if you can get a better deal
  • And, of course, choose the fabric you desire

Mesh Office Chair

Mesh chairs are my favorite, and after I give you some of the benefits of owning this chair, I`m sure you will grow to love them as well.

  1. They are incredibly durable. The fabric in these chairs is woven tightly so they will keep that fresh, new look even after years of usage
  2. They offer good ventilation. This is a neat feature especially for those long, hot summer days. The mesh will allow the air to flow and will actually reduce perspiration
  3. They are stylish. Another common reason people buy them is because they simply look good, and I have to agree on that 100%
  4. They offer good support. At the end of the day, your back needs support and this is the main criteria for choosing an ergonomic chair. As I`ve said earlier, the fabric is woven tightly and it will offer you a good support and will not wore out as fast as the regular, upholstered chairs

Kneeling Chair

When I first saw this chair I was completely blown away by its revolutionary design and the sheer aesthetics of it. So, I decided to dig a bit deeper and find out more about its benefits, and this is what I came up with:

  • It will provide a good support and make sure your body is well aligned
  • Some people feel instant pain relief when using these chairs
  • You can maneuver your upper body better and reach forward easier

Truth be told, this chair is not for everyone, but if you are interested in taking a look you can click here – Kneeling Chairs

Office Chair Cushion

I realize that some of you might not be ready to invest in new chairs, but are still lacking in back support. Well the easiest way to solve this problem is to get a chair cushion. They are very cheap and will not even dent your home budget. You can check them out here: Office Chair Cushion

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  1. This is, indeed, a fantastic post and it came just in the right time as I am currently searching for the best ergonomic chair to use for my work at home.

    To be honest I too love the mesh chairs, but I am curious about these knee chairs, this is the first time I came across them. And even though they look very interesting and fun to sit on (never thought I would say this for a chair), I don`t think they are for me, I am looking for something a bit more classic.

    Anyways thanks, and have a great day,


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