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As for you who read the first part, get ready, we are going to crank it up a notch. As you have probably noticed, the first 5 minutes, of our 10-minute guide, were focused primarily on relaxation and stretching. The next 5 minutes we are going to dedicate to some exercises you can do to strengthen your back and fight back pain on your own terms!

Number Six – Knee To Chest

When I was doing a research on this exercise, I saw many people demonstrating it while lying on the floor. I don`t know about you, but doing this exercise while lying on the floor makes me feel really uncomfortable, this is why I usually do it on the bed, or something a bit softer, to ease the pressure off my spine.

I have also made an interesting variation to this exercise, for a more profound effect, so pay close attention:

  • Lie down on your “surface of choice,” facing up
  • Pull your legs toward your chest, while keeping the knees flexed at a 90 degree angle
  • Make an effort to life your pelvis up and, if this is too difficult, slide your arms under your back to support the weight

This is an excellent stretching and strengthening exercise, but you must remember to do it gradually. Hold the position for one minute and you are ready for the next one.

Number Seven – Pelvic LiftPelvic Lift

Pelvic lift is a fairly straightforward exercise, and you are free to do it on the floor. At first glance, this exercise may seem easy, or even ineffective, but when you get on the floor and do it, you will feel your muscles working.

So, lie down on the floor, facing up and bend your knees while keeping your feet flat on the floor. You can place your arms on both sides of your body or cross them over your chest.

Then lift your pelvis and hold the position for about 5 seconds, rest for another 5 and repeat. 6 repetitions will add up to our magic “one minute rule,” then move on to the next one.

Number Eight – Hip Rotation

This can be a tricky exercise, especially if you have had any serious back problems or surgeries; if that is the case with you, I would advise you to skip this exercise.

That being said, we can go on.

  • Get in the position from the previous exercise, lie down on the floor, knees bent, feet flat on the ground
  • Rotate your hips and knees to one side, hold for 5 seconds, then to the same on the opposite side
  • Repeat 6 times until you complete our one minute cycle

Number Nine – Upper Back Shoulder Blade Squeeze

The title itself may be a little intimidating and confusing, but it is a pretty straightforward, yet effective exercise.

Grab a chair and place it next to a wall, sit on it, with your back and head flat against the wall. Now, gradually lift your arms up, and when they get over your head, squeeze your shoulder blades. The whole motion should take anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds, so do as many repetitions as you can until one minute passes.

Number Ten – Cat Stretch Variation

Maybe you are familiar with cat stretch, maybe not, but it doesn`t matter, since we are going to modify it anyways.

Start out by positioning yourself on the floor, on your hands and knees, with your spine gently arched downwards. From this point on, you have several possibilities:

Extending Your Arms And Legs Separately 

What does this mean? It`s very simple, from the “Cat position,” extend your left arm forward; return to the previous position and extend your right arm; return to the previous position and extend your right leg backward; return to the previous position and extend your left leg backward. Repeat for one whole minute.

It takes more time explaining it than doing it, so get to work! :)

Extending Your Arms And Legs Simultaneously

This is for the “more fit ones.” Instead of extending one limb at a time, pair up your left arm and right leg. You will find this exercise slightly more demanding, but it is awesome!

And You Are Done!

Those 10 exercises should take you about 10 minutes to do and, hopefully, your back feels much better!

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