Today we have a special treat for you, we are going to go over things you can do in 1 minute to help you relieve your back pain. I`m sure you must be thinking to yourself “How can I relieve my back pain in 1 minute?”

Well, you probably can`t, but we are going to present you with these 10 things in a progressive manner, adding up to a total of 10 minutes, resulting in complete relaxation and pain alleviation.

I`m sure you are anxious to get started, so let`s jump right into it!

Number One – Relaxation

Relaxation is on of those crucial things people often forget about. We are always rushing to get things done and in the process often forget about our health, both physical and mental.

As a result of this lifestyle, stress is constantly building up, and if we don`t address it in time, things may get out of hand. To prevent this from happening, I`ve listed relaxation as the first step of out 10-step process.

Achieving relaxation is easy and this is how we are going to do it:

  1. Light up a scented candle and play some relaxing music (you can get it on Youtube). Relaxation largely depends on the mood and surroundings, so we need to make sure everything is working in our favor.
  2. Get a couple of small pillows and a flat, hard surface (your floor will do). Lie down, facing the floor and place pillows under your chest.
  3. Remain in this position for one whole minute. Breath deeply and empty your mind.

Number Two – Relaxation ContinuedPerson relaxing

In the second minute of out 10-minute guide, our focus will remain on relaxation. We are keeping things simple and straightforward.

Get a towel and soak it in hot water. Make sure the water is hot but not too hot, so you don`t burn yourself, obviously. We will use it for a sort of heat therapy. Clearly, the towel will not keep the heat for a long time, but it will do for one minute.

The heat will will have a mild therapeutic effect, relax your muscles and relieve pain and stiffness. You can assume the same position from the step one.

Number Three – The Power Of Yoga

I am not here to talk about the immense power of yoga, we just need one exercise we can fit into our “one minute schedule.” And after browsing around, trying out various positions, I`ve picked one that suited me ¬†and my back pain the most, hopefully, you will find it helpful as well – The Cobra!

This is my favorite position, and it is incredibly easy but very powerful for pain relief. This is how it is done:

  • Lie down on the floor, facing down
  • Lift your torso and place your arms in front of you, with your palms facing down
  • Make sure your torso is lifted but your hips are touching the ground
  • If you are not sure about the correct position, take a look at the picture to the right
  • Hold the position for one minute

Number Four – Chair Back Stretch

For this segment we are going to use a chair for back stretching (especially lower back stretching). It is possible to do this stretching even without the chair, but it makes our life a lot easier.

So, grab a chair, sit and spread your legs as far a part as you can. After you`ve spread your legs, start bending forward as much as you can. If possible, try to reach the back of your chair with your hands. Since, this is a fairly intense stretch, you must make sure to do it gradually.

And, of course, hold this position for one minute.

Number Five – Standing Stretch

This is one of the more basic stretches, and I`m sure you came across it before. It is very simple and requires no effort at all, but it will give you a good back stretch.

Stand up, feet shoulder width a part and bend down. Try to bend as much as you can until your belly touches your thighs. I understand that many of you (myself included) are not that flexible, so it is certainly permitted to bend your legs slightly.


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