Hi everyone, today we have a special treat for you. As you know we recently started a new section of our website called for Product we like, where we will be reviewing two similar products and sharing with you both good and bad sides and advising you whether or not to invest your money.

Today we got products from Amazon, Body Back Buddy and a collection of Back Support Belts.

Body Back BuddyBody Back Buddy Review

I`m not gonna lie to you, I just recently came across this product and it immediately caught my attention, I mean just look at it. Honestly, when i first saw it i was a bit skeptical, it looked to me like a piece of plastic with some spikes sticking out.

But once I started to dig deeper, things got very different. I found out that this product is, in fact, a reflection of years of research, and feedback from therapists and chiropractors.

It`s special, curved shape along with 11 therapy knobs allows the stimulation and relaxation of the muscles during your self treatment.

Good sides:

  • Curved shape with 11 therapy knobs for different muscle groups
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes with free 12-pages instruction booklet
  • Flexibility- you can use it on your legs, arms, chest,feet and hips

Bad sides:

  • It`s plastic
  • Difficult to store due to it`s shape
  • Not for everyone – Remember that different people have different needs so if it suited others it doesn`t mean it will be perfect for you.

Update: 18/3/14 Our research has found that people interested in trigger point self-treatment reported great results using Body Back Buddy, saying it is the “Cadillac of massage tools and “The best self-massage tool around.”. If you are interested in finding out what others are saying about it and trying it out yourself, click the link below!

Want 13% discount? Click here: Amazon.com 

Back Support BeltBack Support Belt

Next I want to talk to you about lower back support belts. There are a lot of these types of products at the market today and, according to my research, they are all great. I was looking at reviews of the people who tried them out and they all loved them.

So what is it about these support belts that makes them so great?
Since there are so many products available today it is hard to pick the best belt but I will present you with several that i personally picked and let you decide. If you are interested in checking them out just click HERE.The main role, purpose if you will, of this product is to support the back. It actually limits the range of motions that are associated with common back injuries. So they actually “don`t let you” hurt yourself.

One more good thing I want to point out when it comes to this product is that is ideal for women, it will provide them with good lumbar support even during pregnancy so you will be able to enjoy your maternity even more.

Final words

Well essentially we picked two different types of products, the body back buddy is more orientated on the treatment and relaxation of your muscles, while back support belt is there to prevent injuries from happening. So we would actually recommend both products depending on your current condition.

If you want prevention go with the Support Belt, if you want “treatment” (I put it in quotes just to illustrate the fact that without knowing your condition it is impossible to claim it will cure you) go with the Buddy.

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