Pain is a clear sign you body uses to tell you something is wrong. Many people ignore the first signs of pain, refusing to go see a doctor; it is a bad practice and usually leads to more severe pain!

Of course, pain can vary in the intensity, location and duration; but today we decided to talk exclusively about pain in the right side.


Even though, I cannot give you a 100% accurate diagnosis, I can make some educated guesses about the source and cause of your right side pain.

                Giant Cell Arteritis

No, it`s not arthritis it`s arteritis. Arteries are blood vessels responsible for carrying oxygenated blood from your heart to the rest of your body.

Giant cell  arteritis occurs when lining in your arteries become inflamed. Most common symptoms are muscle and joint stiffness, severe temporal pain (which is why this disease is also commonly called temporal arteritis) and sometimes right-sided pain.

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, contact your doctor immediately.


Of course, one-sided injuries will cause pain in the right side of your body, but sometimes those injuries are not so obvious, you might miss them and find indentifying the source of the pain very challenging.

Pain can be also caused by something as simple as sleeping on your right side. If you have a bad mattress, your sleeping position might be inadequate, causing you discomfort which is slowly turning into pain.

Obvious solution here would be changing your mattress, or the entire bed. I know that it may sound like a large investment, but trust me, it will be worth it!

                Nerve Problemsback

Most common “nerve problem” (if you will allow me name it this way) causing pain in the right side of your body is sciatica. Sciatica usually affects only one leg (sciatica cases with both affected legs are very rare), so it can be the cause of your “right side pain”.

Most common symptoms are pain, tingling and muscle weakness stretching from the lower back all the way to your thigh and calf.

                Shoulder Problems

“Frozen” shoulder could also be the cause of your problems. Frozen shoulder is a condition where your shoulder becomes stiff so you can`t perform the full range of motion.

Common symptoms are dull pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion.

Abdominal Pain

Even though the goal of this article was to cover some musculoskeletal conditions where right side pain was present, I feel we need to say a few words about the abdomen as well.

There are various reasons and causes of abdomen pain, and the most common ones are:

  • Appendix problems – this pain can often be linked to appendicitis, an inflammation of the appendix caused by an infection.  If this is, in fact, the case appendix has to be removed immediately using a procedure called appendectomy
  • Stones – Stones in gall bladder and/or right kidney can cause this sort of pain. The pain is usually very intense and should be dealt with immediately
  • Cysts – Ovarian cysts are also a common cause of abdominal pain. The cyst may vary in size and can cause serious problems and even infertility

Keep in mind that the intention behind writing this article wasn`t to scare you into thinking there is something seriously wrong with you, often it`s just a mild pain which will pass as the time goes by; but if the pain gets worse, see your doctor immediately!

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