We humans are not built for sitting. Our bodies evolved over millions of years, turning us into hunter-gatherers we are today. Even though we adopted sedentary lifestyle some 10000 years ago, our DNA is still deeply rooted in our hunter-gatherer history.

Fast forward to today – we are literally torturing our bodies by forcing them in a seated position through most of the day. Many of us sit for as many as 10 hours each day, whether at the desk at work or at the computer at our home. And regardless of what posture you assume, sitting is harmful for the human body, not just our spine, but our overall health.

As a result of this “poor habit,” we are constantly faced with neck pain, back pain and tailbone pain, which we will be talking more in the following paragraphs.

Obviously, you can`t just quit your job because your tailbone hurts, which is why we are going to give you some general advice on relieving your pain and recommend some of the best coccyx seat cushions you can buy and make your long hours of sitting more bearable.

The Anatomy Of The Coccyx/Tailbone

The coccyx is located at the very bottom of the spine and it represents a vestigial(vestigial meaning a body part that has become small and lost its function of the course of evolution. Source: TheFreeDictionary) tail. Tailbone consists of 3-5 small (sometimes fused sometimes separated) vertebrae.

Women Are More Prone To Coccyx Pain

Due to the differences in female anatomy, women are more prone to experiencing tailbone pain and injuries. Some of the more common reasons are 1:

  • The coccyx of a woman is more rotated, thus more exposed to injury
  • Women have broader pelvis so sitting actually puts more pressure to the tailbone (when compared to men)
  • Childbirth is sometimes linked with tailbone pain and injuries in this area

Common Causes Of Tailbone Pain

tailbone-painIt may sound surprising, but the exact cause of tailbone pain is not precisely defined. In general, these are its most likely causes:

  • Trauma – a direct blow to the coccyx area can, of course, lead to pain and problems in this area
  • Childbirth – during the delivery, the head of the baby passes over the top of the coccyx; the pressure it creates can sometimes lead to injuries
  • Sitting – prolong sitting can lead to a  number of health and spine problems; and it can also cause coccyx pain
  • Weight – overweight people are more likely to come across joint and back pain since the added weight puts additional pressure to the joints. It can also shift your center of gravity and cause even more problems. If you are interested in losing weight, you can read our 3 Week Diet Program Review Here

Relieving The Pain Naturally

The good thing about tailbone pain is that it will, in most cases, go away on its own. But it may last for several months. Some of the best known ways to address this pain are:

  • Applying ice or heat packs
  • Taking over-the-counter medication
  • Leaning forward while sitting, to relieve pain off the tailbone or
  • Buying a coccyx seat cushion

Benefits Of Buying A Coccyx Seat Cushion

These cushions are generally made of memory foam, to be soft but, at the same time, to offer stability and ensure your spine is properly aligned. They will also help distribute the weight more evenly, adjust your center of gravity when sitting and relieve pressure off your tailbone.

A cushion may also have a cut-out area beneath the coccyx, allowing it to be suspended in the air and relieved of pressure completely.

But what is the best coccyx seat cushion for pain relief? There are a lot of different models of the market today, which is why finding the perfect one might require some trial and error. Our goal here is to minimize this trial and error process and recommend you the top 5 cushions that are guaranteed to help you with your tailbone pain.

Reviews – Top 5 Cushions For Tailbone Pain Relief

These are the top 5 cushions you can order today.

Cushina – Memory Foam Seat Cushion

cushina-cushionCushina is one of the favorites among people suffering from tailbone pain, sciatica and lower back pain. You can use it at home, bring it with you to the office or even put it in your car seat, it is very versatile.

When it comes to seat cushions, one of the major problem with most is losing shape over time. And as the cushion lose shape, it stops giving your back the support it needs and it becomes useless. Cushina pillows are made from grade A memory foam (high density), guaranteed to give you good support in the years to come.

And, as you can see on the image, the cushion is “U” shaped to protect your tailbone and your spine from compression when sitting. This shape also promoted correct spinal alignment and boosts circulation to your legs.

Another great benefit of using this pillow is correct weight distribution. If the weight is not distributed properly, it can lead to strains, back problems, and pain. Cushina will make sure your posture is good and that it stays good!

It is also (at the time of writing this article) on a4 great discount, so if you decide to buy it you will save over $$!

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Coccyx Seat Cushion by CushionCare

coccyx-pain-cushionAnother great memory foam cushion for people who spend the majority of their day seated. The cushion is advertised as “super dense” and “super thick” and it really is! This will ensure that it won`t flatten after prolonged use but it takes a little to get used to it.

As for the size, people say it`s fairly bulky so, if you intend of using it in your car, you might want to adjust your seat (lower it).

The cushion is sturdy enough to offer support for both men and women and for weights of up to 220 pounds (100 kilos). If you weight more, you should scroll up to “Common causes of pain” section and check out the weight loss program we recommend. Reducing your weight will not only “allow” you to use this pillow, but also reduce the pressure to the joints, which is the likely cause of your back and coccyx pain.

The cover of the pillow can be easily removed (using a zipper) and it is machine washable.

So what puts this pillow above others? You might not believe this but the company offers a lifetime support, meaning if it doesn`t last you a lifetime, you can just give it back and get your money back, no questions asked! Also, you will get a 6nice discount and receive a “free bonus.” What is the bonus? You`ll have to buy it and see 🙂

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HealthMax Orthopedic Cushion

healthmaxHealthMax was designed by a back specialist and it offers a full 3-year warranty. The cushion is, of course, made up of high-grade memory foam with a velour cover, soft to touch and machine washable.

The foam is sturdy enough to offer good support, but the cushion is soft enough to accommodate even people recovering from a broken tailbone or people with hemorrhoids.

Overall, this is a great buy for anyone looking to relieve pressure off their coccyx, improve their posture, relieve lower back pain and turn sitting into a more enjoyable experience. The product also comes with a handy bag, so you won`t have any problems carrying it with you wherever you go!

You can use it at your home, office, car or even when traveling by airplane!

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Puna Coccyx Deluxe

punaThis cushion is just up my alley, as you can see, it is bulky and thick and you know it will give you good support. Grade A memory foam will ensure it does not deform or flatten from long-term use, and the design (which follows natural curves of the body) boosts circulation.

The cushion also promotes proper, healthy posture and is especially suitable for people with:

  • Bruised or
  • Fractured tailbone
  • Hip and pelvic pain
  • Ulcers
  • And hernias

It also comes with a full 12-month guarantee.

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PillowEase Coccyx Seat Cushion

pilloweasePillowEase offers a slightly different, two pillow design in an effort to “reposition” your lower back and reduce the pressure it endures while sitting for longer periods of time.

This unique design with two removable pillows allows this cushion to be versatile. You can use these pillows:

  • Under your head when lying or sleeping
  • Place them under your feet when you are standing up
  • Or place them behind your back for lumbar support

This pillow is recommended for people:

  • With broken, bruised or painful tailbone
  • Sciatica
  • With arthritis of the spine
  • Slipped disc or generally poor posture

It is currently on huge discount and you can find out more about it if you click the link below:

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